Sunday Services

Week Great Tremlett Little Tremlett Woodby Woodby Chapel End Grilsby on the Hill
1 8am Communion (July at Little Tremlett) 9.15 Lord’s Supper (July at Great Tremlett) 11am Songs of Praise (from Easter to Harvest) 4pm Evensong (sung on alternate months) 6pm Compline (3pm in Winter)
2 9.15 Communion with Parade Service (except when it is Morning Prayer) 8.15 am BCP Communion (ASB between 1980-2000) 11.30 Rock ‘n’ Roll Church (1950s style)

21:19 Vespers

10 am Communion (Eucharist in alternate months) 9 am All Age Service (BCP Matins if no children)
3 8 am Communion; 11.15 High Mass (CW) 9.22 All Age Eucharist 12 noon Messy Communion 6.10pm Service of the Word with Communion (whispered in the Spring months) 4.15pm Taizé worship (subject to resolution of Copyright battle)
4 10.08 am Modern Worship (Quire practice on the preceding Friday, 8pm) 8 am Holy Communion (unless it’s cold) 11.15 Holy Communion (in the school if the month has an “R” in it) 9am Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion in March and November)

12 noon Parade

8 am Holy Communion;

10 am Morning Worship;

6pm Evensong;

9pm Compline

5 9.45 “All Together” (January,April, August, November) “All Together” (February,  June, October) 9.45 “All Together” (March if the year number is even, September) 9.45 “All Together” (March if the year number is odd, July, December) 11am Family Worship

Children’s work: at any service starting between 9 and 11.17, except Woodby Chapel End. Assuming any children turn up. Excluding summer, Xmas, Easter and half-term holidays, and days when there is a Church Parade at Great Tremlett (but not Woodby)



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