Boycotting Rota : Michaelmas to Candlemas

I would like, as magazine editor and notice sheet compiler, to apologise for the total lack of activity the last few months. I have been too busy tracking down where Revd Nathan, the former vicar, now lives so I can continue with the poison pen letters.

However I am now glad to share with you the official “reasons for boycotting” rota for the five churches for the next few months. We live in hope that a new Priest in Charge will be appointed, so we can have some new reasons.

Week Gt Tremlett Lt Tremlett Grilsby Woodby Woodby Chapel
1 Reserved for Baptisms Family Service Run by congregation All Age Service Joint service with the URC
2 “Songs of Praise” Service Harold on the Organ Baptisms Doreen leading the service Methodist guest preacher
3 Modern music Ancient music Shorter service Yeah, Baptisms Communion
4 Starts too late Starts too early BCP Modern English Just in case there’s ever a baptism
5 “All churches together” “All churches together” “All churches together” “All churches together” “All churches together”

These are for “normal” Sundays of course. We will publish the official reasons for boycotting Christmas special services next month. “Too Incarnational” has already been suggested.