Welcome Page

St Mary’s, Great Tremlett

St Jude’s, Little Tremlett

Woodby Chapel

St Leodegarius, Woodby

St Audrey’s, Grilsby-on-the-Hill

Five churches united – grudgingly. For financial reasons. Despite the fact two villages fought on the “other side” in the Civil War.

This is just the kind of welcome you can expect at Woodby……

church door

Before the service: Talk to God

During the service: Listen to God

After the service: Go home and talk to your family.

Help yourself to:

  • A service book (BCP on 2nd Sunday, otherwise “Church Family Worship”, except during Lent or Advent)
  • A hymn book (on 2nd Sunday and during Lent and Advent)
  • Any “additional hymn” sheets we have printed off
  • A notice sheet
  • A Gift Aid form
  • A Gift Aid envelope

If you’re new, fill in a “contact” form and put it in the small box by the door. The vicar will call within 6 months to arrange a visit.

If your children are rowdy during the service, please take them out to the Church Hall. And stay with them. We don’t have a creche.

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