Welcome to the web pages of the Trim Valley Benefice. We are a group of churches, somewhere in the South Midlands of England.

Normally a church website would bang on about the ages and features of the buildings. But I’m not very interested in buildings. So instead, let me give you the quick need-to-know stuff.

The vicar is the tired looking bloke you will see chasing off to his next appointment, whenever he stops moving long enough to recognise him. He’s Nathan Browne and he’s younger than he looks.

Stay away from Ned Rochester. He seems a bit impulsive, and he has a shotgun licence.

Great Tremlett is smaller than Little Tremlett. They all mention this irony, all the time. It’s been funny in the Tremletts now for 500 years. Grilsby-on-the-Hill is indeed on a hill. That’s not very funny at all.

That’s probably all I can tell you for now. There will be more later, I’m sure.


Eileen Fitzroy Russell

The Old Rectory

Main Street

Great Tremlett


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