The Long Bright Monday Afternoon of the Soul

Great Tremlett’s a quiet place on a Monday. At least in Husborne Crawley there’s the constant roar of the M1 and the folk heading to the Safari Park.

Obviously, quiet’s good. Quiet is, after all, what I’ve been after.

The “Hanged Man” is  closed all day Monday. The shop shuts at 2, and there’s nothing going on at the Village Hall until, as far as I can tell, Lammas. The sun’s beating down on the roundabout in the centre of the village, and just sand and dust on the road – no cars till the school run starts.

Still, the Great Tremlett fete is due in a couple of weeks. And I’ve yet to work out when all the other villages are holding theirs. Rumour has it that Grilby-on-the-Hill was a couple of weeks back, as the feuds are settling down now.

I’d go out and have a walk in the countryside, but it’s too darn warm. So instead I’ve  settled back into reading Allan Chapman’s Slaying Dragons. As a source of information on the true relationship of Science and Religion, it’s pretty good. Unfortunately I’m not getting through it as quick as I can, as there’s just a certain level of Dawkins-style snarkiness in there, which I don’t enjoy from either of them. On the bright side, the level of name-dropping is far lower than in The God Delusion.