Bells at the Ready

Dear Sir

As Tower Captain, I am writing to let you know the arrangements we have made to ensure bell ringing can recommence at Great Tremlett.

  1. We have restricted the number of ringers in the tower to 4 at a time. This means we cannot use all eight bells, but it is a sacrifice we realise we have to make.
  2. Each ringer only to use their allotted bell rope. No other ringer to use the same bell rope for at least 72 hours after each service, or 3 days, whichever is longer.
  3. All bell ringers to wear masks.
  4. All bell ringers to sanitise hands before and after ringing, and before and after entering the bell tower.
  5. All bell ringers to face outwards while ringing.

We hope that with these precautions, we should be able to continue ringing. Just as soon as we have some bell ringers. They walked out in 2005 and we’ve not hear a bell since.

Yours etc

Gingivitis O’Connolly, 4 Mazy Ways, Gt Tremlett.

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