Trim Valley Notices w/c 1 July


We apologise for the lateness of the Church Magazine. The Editor sat out in the sun too long and now needs to be peeled off his lounger.


Mothers’ Union Book Club : Grilsby Reading Room, 7.30pm. This month’s book is the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom. Discretion required.


Trim Valley Inter-faith Group meets, 7.30 at Woodby. This week we’re going to hear from Ragnor about his progressive group, Affirming Wodenism. Please bring a spotless hare or rabbit and a knife.


The Trim Valley Jolly Boys’ outing to Southend was founded in 1954. Renamed Trim Valley Men’s outing in 1974, and Trim Valley Old Bloke’s outing in 2002. It has now had to be renamed Scattering of Ashes. 3pm at the end of the pier. Coach and hearse leave the Quiet Woman at 10am. Fair to say this will be the last year.


Trim Valley Toddlers have run short on toys. Do you have any foul old toys still getting mouldy in the garage from when your kids were young? Then you’ll probably think you’re doing us a favour.


The vicarage garden could do with a “tidy up”. So why not come down to help out? Please note that the cherries, raspberries and currants are already spoken for. But there’s still strawberries and gooseberries to nick.


Trim Valley Rhubarb Festival : With Blessing of the Rhubarb. Festival at 4pm, Lt Tremlett Churchyard. “Biggest Stick of Rhubarb” competition 5pm. Doubles Entendres in the Hanged Man from 8pm.


One thought on “Trim Valley Notices w/c 1 July

  1. Re Wednesday, our Churchwomen’s Fellowship started as the Young Mothers but they grew up. As they go on ageing, it has now decided to be gender neutral and has become ‘The Fellowship’. It sounds a bit Lord of the Rings now…


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