Trim Valley Notices: w/c 24 June


We are celebrating St John the Baptist’s Day today. As otherwise it’s a long old run of boring Sundays till Advent. In the past, Revd Nathan used to transfer saints’ days if they fell on Sundays. But then he used to do the Daily Office every day. So he didn’t miss out while we were at work. Heck, some of us would transfer the Nativity to the nearest Sunday so it didn’t clash with Christmas.


Nothing is happening today.


Today is the last day to fill in your GDPR form. We have a register of all the people who haven’t consent to us to spam them with parish activities. And we’ll send Big Derek round on Wednesday to sort things out. So tick the bloody box, is our advice.


Our prayer intention for today is that our next minister has never been in a photograph dabbing. Or, indeed, trying to catch any other kind of fish.


As the World Cup Fever heats up, we’re getting down with the kids at the Trim Valley Subbuteo World Cup. If you’ve any spare players please let us know. Currently we have a team cobbled together from 1979 Wolverhampton Wanderers and Luton teams, and 9 players in a vague red colour. 7pm, Gt Tremlett Church Hall.


The Mothers’ Union performance of “Oh! Calcutta!” takes place in the Grilsby Reading Room at 8pm. You have been warned.


Trim Valley Angry Drivers’ Club meet at the roundabout in Lt Tremlett, 3pm. For a three-hour drive complaining about cyclists. The annual meal at the “Quiet Woman” will be Gammon and Chips (on the shoulder).


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