Trim Valley Notices w/c 10 June


Please note that the “Unforgivable Sin” is probably not the one that Dr Ireland identified when she added her own “contribution” at the end of the sermon in Gt Tremlett this morning. The Wardens would stop her making these impromptu intervention, but they’re a bit scared of her.


The final work to seal off the Grilsby plague pit completes today. Please avoid the village. We hope the inhabitants of the tent village will be back in thdir houses by Wednesday.


Gt Tremlett Popcorn Evening 5pm in the Church Hall. After all the trouble last time, please bring safety glasses and wellington boots.


Woodby Messy Church. Because there are no children in the village this should be quiet. But what the heck. Let’s eat the blancmange and dance.


The Archdeacon’s Charge to the Church Wardens. Not, as was announced last week, the Archdeacon’s Charge at the Church Wardens. Although, given what she said about the benefice last time she visited, who knows.


Ritual Cursing of National Rail. 4pm on the bridge at King’s Sutton. Please bring a bell, a book and a candle.


Open Day at Woodby Vineyard. £10 to visit and take part in the tasting session. Please can someone keep an eye on the Major to ensure he doesn’t “take advantage” like he did last year. He smelt of that ditch for weeks.


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