Trim Valley Notices w/c 13 May

Apologies for Major Dumpling’s somewhat “wired” behaviour at the bingo last night. We knew he was keen on celebrating the Feast of St Pancras.  But we thought it was railway lines he was showing such a keen interest in.


Doreen’s preaching Sermon #3 today. So bring an umbrella if you’re at Great Tremlett.


Since combined benefice meetings in any church are only ever attended by members of that church, the Benefice Profile Planning Team will meet in the Old Signal Box in 5 Parish Wood. Since this is allegedly haunted by “Flash Ned”, who legend has it was clubbed to death after exposing himself to the Mothers’ Union Committee, we will ensure the meeting ends strictly at sun set.


Are you a keen handy man / woman or a builder with a bit of spare time?

Then why not get down to the Vicarage at 8am? We’re thinking with a bit of work we could put an extension on one side and sell it off as a semi-detached. The diocese need never know.


Since Lucy, the landlady at the “Silent Woman” has told us she is selling up, we are keen to ensure that no buildings are put on the site by the brewery. Or at least not unless we benefit from it. So the “Silent Woman Action Team” (SWAT) will be meeting in the Silent Woman at 8pm to discuss how we can take the place over and run it into the ground. I mean, as a community facility.


Archdeacon’s Visitation. The Archdeacon will meet the Churchwardens at each of the churches in the parish. Please pray for the Churchwardens. And pray even more for the Archdeacon.


Trim Valley Toad Lickers meet in the bus shelter, Grilsby-on-the-Hill 7pm until the bats invade.


The annual Trim Valley Bog Snorkel will take place down the river Trim from Grilsby to Woodby. If wet, in Woodby Reading Room.

Sunday Pentecost 

To celebrate the pouring out of God’s transforming spirit, bringing new life to the Church, we will be holding the Grand Pentecost Jumble Sale in Gt Tremlett Church Hall. 10 am until the old ties run out.


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