Trim Valley Notices w/c 11 March

Mothering Sunday

Thanks to the children from Great Tremlett school who have provided the daffodils for all the mothers, women, and others identifying as being appropriate receivers of daffodils.


The Mothers’ Union Lent Film Course continues with “50 Shades Darker”.  Dolores says it’s got whips in it, so it’s probably appropriate to this penitential season.


Dr Ireland’s prayer group meets 8pm to pray for the new minister. Tonight’s theme will be “Who can be the new Elijah to today’s Ahab?”


Grilsby-on-the_Hill Rhubarb Festival 7.30pm. The Vicar will be Blessing the  Rhubarb in the special Rhubarb service. If you want to make a joke about the contents of the sermon, forget it. We did them last year.


The Official Church Profile group meets to agree a benefice profile that has not been written by the vicar. 7pm, Woodby Chapel.


“Safari Supper” starts 7pm at Gt Tremlett Chuch Hall for cocktails. Thanks to all those who’ve offered to host a course. But for clarification after last year. “Safari” refers to wandering from house to house. The zebra and giraffe steaks last year were delicious but some felt in bad taste. And the Safari Park is still missing a pygmy hippo. Please check your freezers.


“Cheesy Church”. It’s like Church. But with cheese. 8pm, Woodby Reading Room. Please bring some cheese.

Additional Notice

It has come to our notice that somebody has been stealing daffodils from the churchyard at Great Tremlett. If you have any information, or have seen anything suspicious, please let the Wardens or Constable Angela know.

procession OHP

Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews” The book to make you laugh, think or possibly gnaw the back of the pew in front. Written by the creator of the Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley. With cartoons by Dave Walker.


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