Trim Valley Notices: w/c 11/2

Sunday 11

Please note that our friend from the Methodists, Revd Matthias Marwood, will be leading the communion service at Woodby Chapel. In keeping with our interpretation of the Synod vote, he will be wearing a special stole bearing the words “I am a temporary anomaly”.

Monday 12

Our ecumenical meeting with the Society of Friends has been cancelled. Turns out they’re barely acquaintances.

Tuesday 13

Please remember that it is Revd Nathan’s day off. Accordingly we will be playing the traditional Trim Valley game of wondering what events he will be at that he shouldn’t.  Colloquially known as “Where’s Wally?”

Wednesday 14

As everybody insisted it’s always happened at their place, the Ashing Services will be held at:

Gt Tremlett (17:30)
Lt Tremlett (18:15)
Woodby (19:00)
Woodby Chapel (20:00)
Grilsby on the Hill (20:45)

Current spread betting odds on how many will attend are as follows:

0-10: 3/1
11-19: 2/1
20-25: Evens
26-30: 3/1
31+: 100/1

NB the Banbury Road Garage is closed all day. They’re not going anywhere. They just think it’s funny to video all the sweaty, terrified husbands looking through the windows at the cards and flowers.

Thursday 15

Tremlett Mother’s Union are delighted to welcome Mr Anthony Derriman, who will be speaking to us on “Social Darwinism and the Brechtian Paradigm”. Followed by tea and coffee. 6pm, Lt Tremlett Hall.

Friday 16

A Service of Forgiveness for all the husbands who were in the Hanged Man when they realised it was Valentines Day on Wednesday, so ran to the garage to find it was closed, but were over the limit so they couldn’t drive to Banbury Tescos, so they stole some daffodils out of the graveyard and pressed one for the front of the card.

At least, that’s what we should have held last year, wasn’t it, Barry?


124th annual football match between The Tremletts and The Woodbys. Since the average age of the Woodby team is now 85, this will be conducted via the medium of Subbuteo.


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