Trim Valley Notices w/c 21 January


We have discovered that the stockpile of chutney that Mrs Bramley was planning to sell at the May Fayre, has gone critical in her garage. There is now a 200m exclusion zone around Spring Lane.


Woodby Chapel Youth Group 4 pm. Once again we have been forced to raise the upper  age limit to reflect demographic changes.  And congratulations to Edith on her 95th birthday.


7.30 The Vicarage.  Bible Study. A new series designed for members of the Church of England, where we answer the important questions – what is the Bible? And why do we read it? And what’s in it?


Revd Giles Fraser will come to St Mary’s School to tell us why boys and girls should consider the Priesthood as a career. Children from the Furnace Road estate should meanwhile go to the gym and learn to stack pallets. It’s for their own good.


Bell Ringing practice, St Mary’s Gt Tremlett.  In the light of the unfortunate incident with a young ringer in Abingdon, all ringers are to wear hi vis in future. This will not stop them being entangled in the ropes. But at least you feel like you’ve done something.


Trim Valley Trotters Over 70s Cross-Country Club annual 3 mile run from Great Tremlett to Grilsby-on-the-Hill. Midday. With it being so heavy underfoot, be careful.  It can be a bit sticky round Piggott’s Bottom. And yet he still won’t use any cream.


Church Leaders’ Breakfast 8am, the “Hanged Man”. A chance for the vicar and the Standing Committees of our churches to get together to discuss issues and opportunities across the benefice.

Unofficial Church Leaders’ Breakfast 8am, Deidre’s Cafe. If you think you ought to be running the Church, you ought to be there to find out who else does. A chance to indulge in light character assassination, with the possibility of serious rebellion.

Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews. The book to make you laugh, think or possibly gnaw the back of the pew in front. Written by the creator of the Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley. With cartoons by Dave Walker.



One thought on “Trim Valley Notices w/c 21 January

  1. Never sure why the age range of youth groups cease at 30. If someone joins, than surely they’re in it for life?
    And I think that I received some of that volatile chutney, recently with a gift of a cheese board from the Vicar – and my spouse told me to go and sleep in the spare bedroom. I’m not sure if it’s a plot by the Vicar to disable or dispose of me, but whatever, it was not wind in the willows 🙂


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