Trim Valley Notices 7 January


We are celebrating both Epiphany and the Baptism of Christ today. Contrary to a wild rumour that sprang up in the villages, it was not the Wise Men that baptised Jesus. So please can someone remove the font from the crib scene In Gt Tremlett.


Little Devils – the renamed toddler group, to reflect last year’s reality, meets in Lt Tremlett Hall. Please can parents repair any structural damage promptly.


Prayer for the Vicar: since nobody has yet received a resignation we assume he’s still with us. So 8pm at Dr Ireland’s house.


 Contrary to the wag who posted on the notice board that we are celebrating Rod Stewart’s Day, it’s just Mothers’ Union at 7.30pm in Gt Tremlett Church Hall. As part of our inter-faith outreach, we’ll be learning some interesting spells from the local Magick Group.


Trim Valley Cheese Makers meet in Grilsby Church Hall. Please bring a raddle.

Funeral for Laura Lynes. She hated everybody in this valley so please don’t attend. 


Bingo in aid of Woodby Church funds. If anyone has found ball 37 please bring it along. Otherwise some people will be onto a loser from the start.


Revd Nathan returns to work after his post-Christmas break. Hopefully well refreshed, and with some better sermons.


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