Trim Valley Notices w/c 12 November

Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews


Please remember that no poppies are to be worn at the Remembrance Services today. Last year an argument broke out between the people wearing red poppies and those wearing white. We promised ourselves we never want to see that kind of bloodshed again.


Benefice Mission Committee meeting cancelled. they just can’t raise the energy to get together. So going out into the world making disciples is going to be quite a stretch.


Trim Valley Ringers – handbell practice in Grilsby Church Hall. This week’s arrangement will be an Anglican version of an old Prodigy favourite: “Smack my Bishop.”


Lt Tremlett PCC 8pm. The heating has gone in the hall, so please bring a pail of coal and a sleeping bag.


80s Disco Nite at Woodby, 8 till late (about 9.30). The St John’s ambulance will be there and we’ve got the new defibrillator. So put on your knee brace, get some heat into your joints and come along with the Eye of the Tiger! Are “friends” electric? Well their mobility buggies certainly are!


Sub-committee for looking into the reducing the number of committees will be meeting from 8 till 10. Last time they met they suggested setting up another committee to define the other committees’ terms and references. So that will be meeting next week.


Pre-Advent Fayre, Gt Tremlett. After last year when we had to declare a 20″ exclusion zone, the scented candles stall will be outside. Mavis will be running the slightly-broken nick-nacks stall for the 70th year running. Can someone please buy that china shepherdess? It’s been there for the full history of the stall.




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