Writes of the Church: Notices w/c 13 August

Please note the Vicar is now on holiday for a fortnight. The Wardens have his number and will contact him if there are any major (or minor) emergencies. You can also reach him via Twitter at @nottheCofE

Sunday 13 August : Vespers in the Old Latin Rite will be lead by Canon Vyvyan Westcliffe. 6pm at Grilsby on the Hill

Monday 14th : Coffee morning at Great Tremlett. Raising funds to buy some better quality coffee. 10am – noon

Tuesday 15th: “Why the Vicar is Wrong about Almost Everything” – a talk by Dr Ireland. Woodby, 8pm

Wednesday 16th: A talk on Cybersecurity, as Romilly explains why the idiot vicar shouldn’t have left her the password to the WordPress account

Thursday 17th: Melissa Sparrow – “A Life in Poetry”. Melissa will be talking about life, love and death. Mostly death. In fact, almost entirely death to be frank.

Friday 18th: Bric a Brac Sale, Little Tremlett, 10 am – 1pm.  Is there an endless source of unusable junk? Join us as we test out the theory again.

Saturday 19th: Mothers’ Union Bingo – 8pm in Gt Tremlett Church Hall. Please bring a bottle of gin.




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