Church Notices : 6 August

Sunday 6 August : Choral Evensong at Woodby Chapel, 4pm. Since the choir and organist are on strike we will be using the Mission Praise 1 CDs. Bring your 80s hair and nylon suits.

Monday 7 : Croquet on the Vicarage Lawn. 6 pm till 9 pm. Please note that after last year’s riots, it is stricltly non-alcoholic drinks.

Tuesday 8 : Meeting to discuss how to improve ministry to poor people. 8pm at Cholmondeley Manor. Please knock at the servant’s entrance.

Wednesday 9 : Major James Dumpling’s Cocktails party. An evening of irresponsible experimentation. Starts at 8. If James is asleep already, just fix yourself a drink. Please bring a bottle of left over spirits you unwisely bought in Duty Free in 1994, and a bucket.

Thursday 10 : Committee meeting to sort the agenda for next week’s agenda-preparing meeting.

Friday 11 : A workshop on Writing Below-the-Line comments on the Guardian’s “Comment is Free” pages. Six anonymous teenage boys tell us that nobody understands them, and they are really really clever and funny.

Saturday 12 : 8pm prayer meeting at Dr Ireland’s : “Praying the vicar comes back from his holidays refreshed, and less of a heretic.”

Sunday 13 August : Revd Nathan’s Holiday starts. Thank you to Canon Vyvyan Westclyff who will be covering in his absence. NB every baptism and wedding planned in the benefice this year will be taking place in the next fortnight. Very reasonable terms.


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