Church Notices – 16 July 2017

Tonight’s Evensong would be at Grilsby on the Hill. But really, what’s the point?

Monday 17th: Cubs 7pm Little Tremlett Church Hall. This week it’s the “Conflict Resolution Badge”.

Tuesday 18th 8pm:  Dr Ireland will be leading her Morality Task Force on a sweep of Barebottom Spinney. And when we say “sweep” – she is planning to take the yard brush with the particularly spiky bristles. So stay well away from all hanky panky, is our advice.

Wednesday 19th: Woodby Chapel Men’s Fellowship. Simon Donut will be sitting in the chapel on his own, remembering his departed friends.

Thursday 20th: 2 pm last “Tiny Tots” of the school year at Gt Tremlett Church Hall. We plan to use the summer months to remove glitter from the floor. Any offers of industrial grinding equipment will be grarefully received.

7pm: Bell Ringing practice at Little Tremlett. Toby reckons he’s worked out how we can ring the best of Daft Punk. Bring a few lagers.

Friday 21st: Coffee morning at Great Tremlett. Followed by a skimmity ride to Nathaneal Brakebones’s house. Dr Ireland to provide photographic evidence.

Saturday 22nd 8am: Men’s Breakfast at Great Tremlett. Please bring an egg.


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