Church Notices: 9 July

Tonight’s Evensong will be at Woodby Chapel. It only holds 39 so arrive early to ensure you get a seat. Who am I kidding? Please please turn up. Or it’s just me and the Combined Benefice Choir. And I am scared. Revd Nathan. 

Monday 10th: Cubs 7pm Little Tremlett Church Hall. Please pray for their leaders, still recovering after the cubs slipped those tarantulas into their tents at the recent camp

Tuesday 11th 8pm:  “Get a Grip. Why transgender people should just thank God for how he made them.” Dr Ireland will be leading a demonstration against Church of England liberalism by burning the vicar in effigy on the Gt Tremlett village green

Wednesday 12th: Mother’s Union. Dorothea Plunkett talks to us on “Wife Swapping in the Cotswolds.” With slides.

Thursday 13th: 8pm at Grilsby: “30 years a Hedge Fund Manager.” Denzil Dodgie tells us how the Lord blessed him with the biggest house in Grilsby-on-the-Hill and a Jag.

7pm: Bell Ringing practice at Little Tremlett. Cutting out the unproductive part of the evening, the ringers will just meet in the pub and skip the ringing.

Friday 14th: Coffee morning at Great Tremlett. Please bring a pointy stick in case of strangers.

Saturday 15th: Fete at Little and Great Tremlett, Grilsby and Woodby. Please come and buy some dog-eared rubbish that you can contribute to the fete next year.

Sunday 16th: See service rota for the hideously complex details.


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