Reasons to be Fearful (on a bike)

It’s normality a right-wing paper that pulls this trick.  Some member of a minority explaining how they’re all right,  it’s the other members of that category who are dreadful. Gay men explaining how they love football and death metal – it’s the other ones who are too gay. Black people stressing their stable marriages while bemoaning gang culture. I’d be surprised if, in the 1930s, the Daily Mail didn’t have an article by a bacon-eating Jew, remarking that his co-religionists are just so Jewish.

And so we find a new example of the genre in “Why I loathe other cyclists” in the Express. It’s pure click-bait, so don’t go there if you are of s sensitive nature.

I mean, as a cyclist who tries to keep the law, I tend to tut when another cyclist jumps a red light or rides on a pavement. But on the grounds that they are only a genuine danger to themselves, while daily deaths caused by motorised vehicles in the UK are frequently in double figures, I can’t raise myself to “loathe”. After all, where would that leave me to go for the genuinely evil? Nope, “love the cyclist, hate the cycling” is my motto.

It strikes me that Alex Rawlins is a liability on the road, in fact. In between gawping at red-light-jumpers, criticising people’s dress sense and hating bus drivers – not to mention confessing to using language unsuitable even for a cycling Cabinet Minister – it’s a wonder Alex has any time to look at the road or other vehicles at all. And his self-confessed traffic light-counting concerns me as well.  If it spreads to other pieces of road furniture, he’ll be all over the place.  The suggestion of “neon” clothing worries me as much as it confuses. Cycling is hard enough without connecting oneself up to fluorescent tubing and electric power supplies. There could be some nasty lacerations if you fell off.  Or if Alex Rawlins rode into the power cable – then you’ll be guaranteed a four-letter tirade.

But what really terrifies me is the comment from “maryjane” below the line.  Obviously, “maryjane” doesn’t understand that “road tax” doesn’t exist, and that electric and hybrid cars don’t pay the VED with which we try to encourage “maryjane” to stop polluting our atmosphere. So far it just goes with the territory.

But what really worried me is that “maryjane” has made all his comments in capital letters.

Just think about it. “Maryjane” is considered grown-up enough to pay Vehicle Excise Duty, and drive a car. But he doesn’t know how to operate the “shift” key on his computer.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me feel safe on the roads.


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