A Bumpy Journey on a Slippery Slope

From the Mail, so be careful.

“One traditionalist said: ‘This is a slippery slope. It will mean that gay clergy will have even less incentive to remain celibate. The next step will be gay clergy marriages.'”

You can call me an old traditionalist, as well, if you wish. But surely the one thing slippery slopes don’t have are steps? If you had steps on a slippery slope, it wouldn’t be a slope. It would be a staircase. Maybe a slippery staircase, but all the same.

Or maybe they’re talking about steps as in stepping, not as in stairs? In which case, you’d have a job on a slippery slope. On a slippery slope you can’t really step. You can only slide. You can take a run-up at it, sure. But once you’re on a slippery slope, there’s no stepping to be done. You’d just look like a bit of a clown, trying to do those cartoony steps like Wile E Coyote as you disappeared downhill.

All I’m saying is, mixing your metaphors is putting all your slippery slopes in one basket. It’s always going to come to a nasty crash in the end.


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