East is East

Strange discussion going on down at the coffee shop..

Apparently the PCC have been considering putting the church altar up against the wall.

Well I mean, what?  Reverend Nathan?  Going eastern-facing at this time in his career? I mean, I said, they’ve that arrangement at Woodby Chapel End, but then it’s a tiny church, with a tiny sanctuary, and there’s no real point trying to move it out. But even there, Nathan kind of scrabbles round to the North side rather than turn his back on either member of the congregation. And I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t turn my back on them either.

But besides, Great Tremlett’s a modernised, relatively trendy church. When the rood screen fell down they got permission to leave it down, remove the choir stalls and open up a “worship space”. Why would they go all Traddy?

Pleased to say they cleared it up for me. Nathan just wants  it there to make more space for liturgical dancing, Normal – ahem –  service is restored.


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