Reuse, Recycle, Revelation

That Revd Nathan’s a crafty one.

Last Sunday, I sneaked along to Grilsby-on the-Hill, as the early start meant I could make it to the Saints game. Well, they’ve had a bad start to the season. And some help was clearly needed. And, since I found out Old Mr Jones couldn’t make it due to his knee op, it was the perfect opportunity to go along and see some rugby.

So Nathan preaches on 2 Tim 6 – all about the word of God, and how it’s there to inspire us. Good stuff.

So this morning, back at base camp at Great Tremlett, and Nathan preaches – and stone the crows, it’s the same sermon. A slight tweak to put Jesus’s reading of the scroll in, but otherwise – word for word, illustration for illustration – the same sermon. I grabbed him afterwards.

“Oi,” I said, “what’s with preaching the same sermon two weeks running?”

He politely requested I take my hands off the ends of his stole – he had to use sign language, and had gone a strange purple colour – and then he explained that, in his opinion, it’s perfectly reasonable to use the same sermon twice. Not least as, there being a baptism at Gt Tremlett, he’d preached on the baptism and not on the text.

Well I’m shocked. Vicars travelling around the country, re-using their material like stand up comics? Not handcrafting new sermons for each special occasion? Dreadful. I think we should be requesting a refund on the Parish share.


3 thoughts on “Reuse, Recycle, Revelation

  1. Homiletics tutor was firmly of the opinion that if a sermon was good enough to preach once, it was good enough to be preached again.
    In a different ecclesiastical context, when I was in Uganda the pastor actually preached the same sermon to the same congregation 6 weeks running. Apparently, “they didn’t take any notice the first five times!”


  2. Dread to think where that leaves the average Methodist local preacher in a large circuit then! One new sermon a quarter…. sorted!


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