Endorsements on my LinkedIn Licence

I’ve spent quite a while removing all the endorsements from my LinkedIn profile. Honestly, the things some people big you up for.

Now it’s nice of them to be so affirming, but it’s not exactly encouraging. It makes me think they may be wildly endorsing stuff in the hope I’ll endorse them back.  And my expertise in horse whispering, lorry driving, bungee safety inspection, programme management, wheel-changing, marine biology, forestry management, dandruff treatment, origami, airport hospitality, Java programming, peacock (and peahen, presumably) breeding and veterinary science are all less than my LinkedIn endorsements would have you believe.

So I’ve taken radical action. I’ve done the equivalent of unfollowing everybody. And I’ve removed all endorsements. It’s murder – you’d never believe how hard it is to take things off LinkedIn.

Anyway, it’s done now. So the good news is, things will get better. The bad news is, I reckon I’ve got about a month before the phone calls from recruitment consultants specialising in peafowl fertility stop phoning me.


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