Eating Lead

Major Thomas in trouble up at Woodby. Rev Nathan’s been up at the police station this morning over it.

The Major can’t see what the problem is. He says last night he saw two thieves up on the church roof, and thought he’d scare them off.

Thus far everyone agrees with his story. But the police are asking serious questions about the manner in which he “scared” them.

And then there’s the rumours about the two young men who were treated over at the Cottage Hospital for broken ankles. And to have pellets removed from some delicate places. That’s some lead they didn’t want


One thought on “Eating Lead

  1. Some years ago, the elderly lady running a convenience store hauled out a shotgun when a couple of youth tried to hold her up. She didn’t fire it – it wasn’t even loaded, as I recall – and a rather young police officer praised her courage to the media, but was promptly shut up and replaced by the official police spokesperson who had quite another view on the propriety of members of the public brandishing shotguns, especially within city limits.

    I don’t think they charged the old lady with anything, though. I never heard what kind of future with the police the young man who was so chatty with the media had.


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