Twitter Bug Divorce

I note from an article on the BBC website that twerking girl Miley Cyrus and her fiance have broken up.

Furthermore, the article reveals that people knew because “Cyrus stopped following Hemsworth on Twitter, which led to various reports in the media that they had split up.”

Which is a little worrying, and more widely than just two actor/singer/whatevers – however sad their own breakup may be. Because Twitter users have long claimed that there is an “unfollow” bug, causing users to unfollow people they really wanted to keep following.

You can see the see the problem. Celebrity A is following his / her beloved partner, Celebrity B and vice versa. Suddenly, Twitter unfollows A on B’s behalf. Somebody in the Media notices that B no longer follows A  (just how sad is it, checking to see which celebrity is following which?)  And so the news that A  has been dumped by B hits the world public, causing great sadness for people they’ve never met.

But it could be worse. Perhaps A notices the unfollow and, being unable to express their thoughts too well, unfollows B in revenge. B phones A up, demanding to know what A is doing. A  asks what B think they’re doing. Accusations fly and, from a situation where everybody was happy, a relationship is wrecked by a rogue piece of code.

If that unfollow bug really exists, I reckon Twitter better fix it fast. Before it’s cited as cited as co-respondent in a celebrity divorce case.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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