On the Bleeding Edge of Modern Worship

Ooh I made a faux pas last night at the hymn-choosing committee. Dolores suggested it might be nice if we sang “Shine, Jesus, Shine”.

Naturally I put both Doc Martens size 6s right in my mouth, didn’t I? I remarked that this was no longer the 1980s. Said we no longer had jangly guitars and cable-knit sweaters. Said the song had been all right on a a Thursday in All Soul’s Langham Place when the Clergy weren’t looking, but we’ve all moved on now. Frankly, I said, it was like Delirious? had never happened. Did we want to do the ecclesiastical equivalent of Rick-rolling the congregation?

There was a few moments’ silence. And then the Revd Nathan said,
“Well, it might be a bit cutting-edge for Great Tremlett. Maybe we could move them forward gently? What about “Lord of the Dance” instead?

I really must unpack my cricket bat.


4 thoughts on “On the Bleeding Edge of Modern Worship

  1. Today, while church cleaning, we discovered a cupboard that nobody knew existed.
    In it were mouldering copies of hymn books. Many were more modern than the ones being used, so we wiped off the worst of the mildew and put the music copies on the organist’s seat. Who knows, we might get 20th c. hymns !!!


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