Driving Under the Influence of McDonalds

While I’m on the subject, this article on cycling through McDonald’s drive-throughs caught my eye.

When all is said and done, a drive-through burger joint is facilitating people who may be planning to eat while driving. Which is trickier with one of them big burgers (where you might end up dripping mayonnaise all over the shop) than a bag of chips. Sorry, fries. Chips are thicker and taste like potato. And you’ve got to reckon the retailer knows that a decent proportion of those driving through its portals, are going to be heading off down the motorway balancing a soft drink or cup of coffee in their cup-holder while wolfing high-GI nutrition.

So, does this mean drive-through coffee shops and restaurants are encouraging or assisting people to break the law? if a motorist has a crash and they had a fried fish in one hand and a pink milkshake in the other, is the retailer an accessory before the event? Do they have any kind of moral responsibility? Could the insurance companies come after them if they have been recklessly encouraging people to eat burgers while on motorbikes? (Don’t do this – you’ll get lettuce all over the face guard). 

Just wondered. 


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