Red in Bull and Well

I notice that there is a maker of sweet soft drinks, threatening a small British brewery (the Red Well) for an infringement of trade mark.

This is an interesting case to those of us familiar with South Midlands history. For the town of Wellingborough has had an actual Red Well since time immemorial. It was from the iron-rich waters of the Red Well that Charles I and Henrietta Maria drank, bringing them fertility although not, as it turned out, wisdom. The Red Well has named after it a housing estate, shop, leisure centre and medical centre.

So great was the fame of this chalybeate spring that the former Wellingborough brewery, Dulleys, ran poster adverts proclaiming that they made their beer with its long-hallowed waters.

I suggest that if anyone can claim the name “Red Well”, it’s the good people of “Wellie”. Not that they would, of course. They’re too generous in nature. And, besides, they’re probably all down the Red Well pub.


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