The Unlikely Job Descriptions of the First Temple

Sometimes the King James Version comes up with an expression so perfect, you can forget everything else around you. For example, from this morning’s Office:

  With the flatterers were busy mockers :
who gnashed upon me with their teeth.

I mean, what? I’m intrigued by the idea that flatterers hang around with mockers at all – you’d think the effects of both together would tend to cancel out.

But note that they’re not your everyday, run-of-the-mill mockers. These mockers are busy. Whereas it would appear that the flatterers are just your bog-standard flatterers. I’m amazed a busy king like David would put up with second-rate work in the flattery department, but then I suppose you had to take what came to hand in a small country like Israel.

So well done to the mockers. More energetic than your average flatterer. And with all that busy-ness came gnashing of teeth as well. The dream team.

Anyway, I quite lost concentration after that. I wonder what the Gospel was?

And why was the service at 9.17 this morning?


2 thoughts on “The Unlikely Job Descriptions of the First Temple

  1. I always love a good gnashing of teeth. The NRSV is definitely lacking in that. Sad really. What’s a Sunday without teeth?


  2. I’m doing the Epistles from The Message version at present. Really good from a clarity point of view but the odd ‘OhYes!’ is a bit off putting. Must search for gnashing. It’ll probably be in the gospel according to Dick Dastardly!


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