Expecting Better of Me

Don’t tell Burton, but I really seem to be getting into this cycling business.

Without the pressure of time involved in running a religious community – all that pastoral counselling, service planning, going to visit the allegedly housebound and dealing with schisms – I never really found the time.

But now, I’ve all this free time. And in rolling countryside – not so steep you have to be Queen of the Mountains, but not so flat that you have to make like someone from Norfolk, and pretend you really care about what the sky looks like – it’s brilliant.

To keep me from dawdling around acting all Madaleine Bassett, I use the Strava app. It lets you monitor your time and distance on a given journey, tells you how high you’ve climbed and so on.

The only problem I have is that it defaults to registering everything you do as a “run”. Which is fine,  you can correct it. It just gets me down. Do you know,  not once have I uploaded a “run” ane the phone has just said “I find that most unlikely – are you sure you weren’t cycling?


One thought on “Expecting Better of Me

  1. I have a friend who has something similar called Endomondo. He can’t understand why it brings to my mind a little man shaking marraccas


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