Not an OK Apology

Intrigued by OK’s apology regarding Kate’s weight-loss routine.

I’m quoting from the BBC website quoting the apology, below. So it may be selective, but then it was very hard to find the apology on the OK website. And after ten seconds my brain fried to the consistency of an overdone rump steak, so I stopped looking.

“We would not dream of being critical of her [Kate’s] appearance.”They also claimed that they did not intend the cover to be understood as negative towards the Duchess’s baby bump.”

I worry a bit about Kate here, remembering her mother-in-law. But i hope Kate’s rich enough and well enough cared for. I don’t think she’d be that bothered.  It’s all the young mums without personal trainers, those who probably can’t afford falafel or salmon or boglo berries or whatever this month’s super-food for weight-losing mums is. It’s the girl that was dumped by her boyfriend for keeping the kid and now she’s feeling fat and unloved and wondering if anyone’s ever gonna want her for who she is, and can’t recognise that she’s beautiful and now some bunch of muppets have said she’s gotta start dieting while she’s still struggling to grasp how to give the baby enough sustenance when breastfeeding, but she used to smoke and remembers that helps you slim and, oddly enough, is just that little bit depressed….

In short, unlike apparently the whole of OK magazine, it’s not really, primarily, about Kate.


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