Dear OK Magazine….

Just had someone link to your article on how Princess Kate will lose the extra weight so fast after the baby.

For making women feel that their main aim, after having a child – carrying another life within you; sharing the calcium and fat and protein that you consume; giving you piles, quite likely (did you mention that bit?); putting up with the nausea and then having the joy of a a new life in your own; having to renegotiate your relationship with your partner; seeing priorities change, schedules change and – sure, your bodyshape change – but for thinking that the thing that is really relevant is losing weight fast – unrealistic, I know, to think you might hold your head in shame, but think – in a country where so many women have problems with their body shape because you and people like you obsess about it, when you could be stoking someone’s anorexia, someone’s self-hatred, someone’s insecurity – and the people you’re harming are your own readers – WHY DON’T YOU THINK, YOU SENSATIONALIST MUPPETS, INSTEAD OF PRINTING RIDICULOUS, TOXIC, BANDWAGON-JUMPING BILGE?

Time for that drink I was thinking of. The “Hanged Man” closes in 16 of our earth minutes.


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