Tim Waits for No-one

Foolish of me today. Turned up at Woodby Chapel End at 17 minutes past 5. But it’s fourth Monday, isn’t it. So I was there two minutes early. Well, you feel such a fool. Old Tim came down from the care home. He was there early as well, although, being 94, at least he has an excuse for forgetting these things.

Anyway, he turned up, saw the locked door (Reverend Nathan is always bang on time), checked the rota, shouted,
“Wait two minutes? Does he think I can waste that sort of time, at my age?”

Then walked off. Walked straight into the vicar, as he raced up the church path – the vicar, that is, not Tim, who moves quite slowly. Nathan asked if he was joining us, but Tim just shouted,
“Too bloomin’ late, mate!” and trod on his foot on the way out.

There’s some kind of moral about Mission here; but I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess what it is.


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