Thermal Lagging

He’s a real stickler for tradition, is Revd Nathan. Although it’s about 490 degrees in the shade, and although there were just three of us there, he still wore a cassock and surplice for Evensong.

I said to him – surely he could take the service in his normal clothes? And he explained to me that he feels it’s right to wear the outfit specified for the job. Though he did tell me,  very quietly afterwards, that in fact he was “commando” under the cassock, so he wasn’t too warm.

Well, of course, I could see his point.

Which was why I’d asked if he could wear his normal clothes……


2 thoughts on “Thermal Lagging

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  2. Surely that is the whole point of wearing a cassock – nobody knows what you are wearing underneath. Are you sure he wasn’t wearing a cassock , girdle and cotta? Wearing a cassock and alb would be very uncomfortable and indeed, a bit tricky and confusing.


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