Quick Extinction Joke

Two Neanderthals walk into a bar. Even though it’s a dimly-lit bar, they can see perfectly every crevice, every cobweb in the ceiling, each individual bubble in their pints of bitter, the fingerprints on the glasses – every detail of the whole shebang. They have extremely well-developed visual processing centres in their brains.

Unfortunately, a couple of Homo Sapiens are having a game of darts. This being a Neanderthal bar, they can’t really see what they’re doing. One of them misses the board completely with all three throws, taking out all the remaining Neanderthals. Hearing the shouts and cries, the Homo Sapiens panic and run – crashing straight into two walls before they find the door, but they get out.

Sometimes Survival of the Fittest is little more than a vague aspiration.


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