All the Things We’ve Gained

Let us snuggle up togther, we two
On an evening, cold and dark and damp
Where the radiator’s flameless, metal warmth
can bring us modern, clean comfort
free from the fire, no need of tortured wood
to keep us from the winter’s bite.

Once people strange to us lived here
Clasped by a former creed
A God of power and angels
And his tortured, awkward, questioning son.
They had a fire that burnt like their hell
yet glowed like their holy ones.

Now we bask in the half-watched screen
Yet you are busy– talking to friends
you never meet except in memory.
While I search new horizons electronically.
An infinite world of amusing cats,
A pick-and-mix of unreal delights.

So let us go for an evening out –
a quiet drink on this winter’s evening.
A pint for you, and one for me
I’ll accept no ladies’ glasses here –
those women long ago struggled
that we could use these hard-earned delights.

We’ll stick to just the one –
For the Law bites keener than this winter’s night
We will return in the Daewoo’s warmth
Protected from the cold outside
And wonder at the world we’ve made
And snuggle warm, and free, and safe.


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