Working out the Weekday Rota

Right, it’s taken me a week, and I’ve needed to use the skills involved in deciphering Assyrian scripts, a bit of quantum physics and some old-fashioned guesswork.

But here in one place is the weekday service rota.

However this, for me, illustrates the difference between a scientific and theological/philosophical view of the world. Because this rota tells me “what”, and “how”. The “why” still eludes me.


2 thoughts on “Working out the Weekday Rota

  1. I’m on three different rota’s run by three different church members. Getting them to coordinate between them is impossible so I act as my own referee. When I tell them that they’ve double booked me, they tell me that it’s my fault for allowing myself to be committed to doing different things and that I should concentrate on ‘their’ rota.

    I’m coming to the conclusion that I need to volunteer to run all three rota’s to get my revenge.


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