The Benefits of Synodical Government

Yes, we’re all very frustrated by the time it’s taken to get the Women Bishops legislation through the General Synod. I tell you, we talk of little else round these parts. Little Else being the curate down at Lower Beechingley – she’s short, but very ambitious.

But it struck me yesterday that there’s another angle you can take on all these two thirds majorities, referring stuff to the dioceses, wrecking amendments and grievance procedures. And it occurred to me while walking past Woodcote Abbey. Formerly a local monastery, then the home of some rich friend of Henry VIII, it now appears to be an experimental farm of some kind.

If Henry had had to get his divorce, and then the Dissolution of the Monasteries, through the General Synod, I reckon that today England would still be a Catholic country. But at least Anne Boleyn would have kept her head in place. Henry would still have died a miserable and vicious old bleeder, but his capacity for damage would have been greatly reduced.


3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Synodical Government

  1. In the dim distant days when I was a civil servant, I was taught that you needed four trays: In, Out, Pending, and Too Bloody Difficult, or TBD for short. The way to deal with TBD stuff was to store it out of sight at the bottom of a cupboard down a distant corridor. At the end of six months, you could look at it and, lo and behold, half the time the problem had taken care of itself and the file could be transferred to the Out tray. How did this magic work? Well, in the intervening period the government might have fallen, the people concerned could have been dealt with by The Great Personnel Officer In The Sky, or you might have been posted to another department.

    The establishment of our Church has, I think, also received this advice and has filed ‘Women Bishops’ in the TBD file, hoping that if they wait long enough, something will turn up.

    I have news for the obstructionists, it won’t. :>)


  2. I think that Henry died a Catholic, because, despite everything he did, he was still a Catholic from Birth and observed all of the niceties apart from Adultery and Divorce and Executing errant wives.

    If he about today, we’d not be able to execute him, nor lock him up for life because we’d be in breech of his human rights to freedom of religion, freedom to enjoy a family life, freedom of expression (he can call the Pope whatever he likes without being excised from history), Freedom to enjoy doing to others what they’d do to you if they had a free hand, and general mayhem.

    In fact, we’d cast him in the role of a lovable rogue and probably put him on Big Brother Celebrity, Celebrity Mr & Mrs, Mrs, Mrs, Mrs, Mrs, Mrs and I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here. 😦


  3. Ha, yes! Let Queen Elizabeth dissolve General Synod and give it away to her rich friends. Well, maybe not, as I don’t think anyone would want it, though there are still a few bishops’ palaces they might like to get their hands on. Then the Supreme Governor of the Church of England can rule by decree. And as she obviously has no problem with women’s headship she can simply order that women bishops be allowed, and appoint them with none of that nominations commission nonsense. If anyone objects, they may be able to catch a flight to Rome before the royal executioner catches up with them.


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