Natural Law – What is it Good For?

I’ve received an email from an acquaintance, with a letter explaining why I should sign a petition against the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Have to say, the campaign against same-sex marriage has managed two major, if unexpected,  achievements. It got certain evangelicals to read the Old Testament for reasons other than to say how bad the Hebrew Law was, and it got them interested in the concept of Natural Law.

Still, I reckon my correspondent’s identification of the “sin of Sodom” is a bit awry. When you read an account of the leading lights of a city deciding to rape a bunch of foreigners, and you decide that the key point about the story is the guests’ gender, there’s something terribly wrong in your interpretation, I reckon.


2 thoughts on “Natural Law – What is it Good For?

    • It is shocking. Of course we don’t understand the culture that well. Goodness knows if selling your daughters down the river was less awful than throwing your guests to the wolves (although in any society you’d have thought fighting to the death would be more acceptable). Or is that just me?


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