Space and Time

The usual three of us at Morning Prayer – at 9 23? Why 9.23? Plus that great comfort to lonely church leaders everywhere, a great cloud of (invisible, inaudible) witnesses.

Got me wondering, though. Even though the vicar’s a bit pressed for time before and afterwards, that service gave us time and space. S thing we often shied away from in my former life, as we bombarded people with things that were exciting/entertaining, made them talk to each other, shake hands and so on.

I remember that cathedrals have seen an upsurge in attendance over the last decade. And I wonder. They, by definition, have lots of space. And you can spend lots of time in them.

Maybe in this busy, noisy world you can reach a limit on excitement, buzz and adrenaline. Maybe sometimes you just need some time. And space.


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