Hope You Like Jam In Too

Problem solved re the MU “bring a woolly hat for a jar of jam” evening. I nipped into the chi-chi little Garden Centre near Woodby. Huge range of bottled craft ales, organic veg, candied stuff, a nice coffee shop – the only thing I couldn’t find was any plants or compost.

But they do sell a range of rustic jams. So I bought one which had a woolly hat on, stuck the jam in the cupboard at home, took the hat along and won third place. Wish I liked apricot jam. I shall have to foist that onto the next visitors. Not least as, at some point in the evening, I seem to have won a couple of extra jars in a raffle.

But the thing that really made me wonder about the Church of England is this – why is there such a big fuss about women bishops, when men are allowed in the Mothers’ Union?


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