And Meanwhile at Synod

Of course, I am also following General Synod in the only way possible – through Twitter. Much better than watching it from the visitors’ gallery, I reckon.

I went to watch once. An acquaintance of mine who is a bishop was there, and explained the workings of the bill to decide – I think – whether to consider that talking to ACNA might or might not be a thing that could be talked about. The proceedings had reached the point where they were voting on an amendment to an amendment that had been amended, and the voting was so close that everyone had to walk out of doors to do it again. My bishop friend was explaining to me that this was Synod at its best, when I passed out. Watching the Twitter Feed today, I’m not sure whether they are still going from when I passed out, or whether they’ve all done other things with their lives.

Still, somewhere in the midst of the current debate on Women Bishops, there just about seems to be a direction. It will happen, eventually, and some people will get upset, and some people will go, and others might stay who would have gone, and things will carry on in their gentle decline until the Holy Spirit does a really new thing. But we’ll be a little closer to reflecting that we are made, women and men, in the image of God. And that, at least, will be something.



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