I am Doing a New Thing

So, this is new.

I was thinking this is my chance to take it easy. Take a back seat. Stop having to lead all the time. Take time out to think, to breathe, to relax. As the signs say if you head over into Northants, “Let yourself grow”.

I went into the local church – St Mary’s, Great Tremlett – this morning. Nice little Anglican communion, it was. Afterwards, there was no chance to talk to Mr Browne, the rector. Oh no. he went off like a bat out of heaven to get to his next service.

But I got talking to Mrs Proudie, the welcomer. And what a welcomer she is. I told her that I was a semi-famous blogger and spiritual leader, looking for a period of rest and relaxation. No ties, no commitments, no responsibilities – just me in my little house, with the remaining bee population of the country buzzing in the rosemary, and a time to reflect and draw near to God.

So I’ve only been appointed onto the fundraising committee, the Mothers’ Union, the hymn-choosing committee and, rather foolishly, I agreed to run the benefice website. Thank goodness I didn’t tell her I was keen to get involved.

I didn’t realise that I’d be working quite so much from scratch. The old website consisted of potted histories of the churches that stopped in the inter-war period, and had clearly been scanned off old visitors’ leaflets. So I’ve phoned Reverend Nathan today and said, I’ll do it for him. But I’m doing it my way. Sure, I’ll advertise his fetes, and the “whose sheep looks most like Ed Miliband” competition. But I’ll also treat this as a proper blog – tell you about my adventures in discovering these new villages and the frankly rather scary people that seem to inhabit them.

But that’s all going to have to wait for another time. Apparently it’s time for the fund-raising committee. I didn’t realise my sabbatical was going to take up so much of my time.


8 thoughts on “I am Doing a New Thing

  1. Hello Eileen ,
    i have been following you for a while elsewhere (your downunder stalker really. ) You forgot to say if you were taking on children’s ministry. If not we have a vacancy or two or 10 here, how about a holiday in the sun? (Ok it is winter here, but you know what I mean)


  2. All of a sudden conversion? From being a Pagan (Multifaith) Arch Druid, you’ve descended to the depths of being an Anglican? What a transformation. From only believing in three or four theologies you’ve now needing to believe and to understand about thirty five theologies. That’s some leap, even for an Arch Druid.

    As for volunteering, you are on the cusp of revelation – in the CofE, due to the lack of volunteers, you are realising that one-person-one-job doesn’t exist. Everyone who puts their head above the parapet with the inability to say NO, ends up with at least a dozen. I think that Mrs Proudie let you off easily, and probably has more in store for you next time you appear through the church door.

    What you need is your own key to the Vestry back door to allow you to sneak into worship that way, disguise yourself under a Cassock Alb, pick up the Thurifier and you will be immune from anyone approaching without a face mask or respirator.

    Off course a simple way to do this is to join The Friends Off Group, by doing that, you’ll be announcing yourself as a Non-Churched person, who is only really useful for putting your hand in your pocket, supporting fetes and appeals and the occasional church yard clearing working party. Any job with responsibility goes to those who actually worship (Mugs) as the Friends are to valuable financially to bother with the trivia of internal admin, politics and personality clashes.


  3. This is your silent reader from the Pacific Northwest…maybe this blog will let me comment without having to get all fancy with an account :).


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